The MRC du Golfe-du-Saint-Laurent aims to organize the territory to improve cultural, economic, environmental and social conditions in a sustainable manner. Our aim is to open up the area through telecommunication & transportation networks, to increase access to potential resources of the region, to improve economic conditions and meet the social needs of the communities through improved infrastructures and equipment. Our goal is to develop a region that is easily accessible, comfortable and attractive.


The MRC du Golfe-du-Saint-Laurent is situated in the region of the Côte-Nord (09). Located at the east extremity of the province of Québec, the territory of the MRC is bordered by the Gulf of the St. Lawrence and the border of Labrador. The MRC du Golfe-du-Saint-Laurent was constituted in 2010 and includes 5126 habitants in 2011. A total land area of 81,028 km2 (40,819 km2 of land area), it stretches nearly 275 kilometers along the Gulf of the St. Lawrence and is composed of five municipalities and a non-organized territory: Blanc-Sablon, Bonne-Espérance, Côte-Nord-du-Golfe-du-Saint-Laurent, Gros-Mécatina, Saint-Augustin and the non-organized territory Petit Mécatina


The MRC du Golfe-du-Saint-Laurent is administrated by a council composed of mayors of five local municipalities whose territory is included in the MRC.

The Warden, Mr. Randy Jones was appointed warden by his peers on December 12, 2017 for a term of two years. The Council shall also elect from among its members, a deputy warden who assumes the functions of warden in his absence or in the post vacancy situation. Mrs. Darlene Rowsell Roberts, director of the municipality of the Côte-Nord-du-Golfe-du-Saint-Laurent, currently holds that seat.

Wanda Beaudoin


Darlene Rowsell Roberts


Randy Jones


Gladys Martin


Roderick Fequet


Karine Monger

Geneva Jones

Karla Roberts

Land Planner

Janna Bilodeau

Dale Keats

Jackie Gallibois

Karen Morency

Carla Fequet

Julie Monger

Joanne Jones

Melanie Robertson

Cara Gallichon-Robertson


Regional Direction

The coordination and management of current activities of the MRC entrusted since 2010 to Mrs. Karine Monger, General Director. To carry out its various mandates, the MRC has a team of twelve employees.