The fonds d’appui au rayonnement des régions (FARR) is available on the North Shore (Press Release)

Havre-Saint-Pierre, August 31, 2017 – Following the announcement of the FARR program by the Quebec Government, the Assemblée des MRC de la Côte-Nord is pleased to officially announce the call for projects. This program has an annual budget of $1,506,218.

The FARR is a new program from the ministère des Affaires municipales et de l’Occupation du Territoire (MAMOT). The amounts allotted will be entirely dedicated to the financing of development projects directed towards North Shore priorities with a regional focus.

The government defines regional focus as: “all projects that benefit more than one regional county municipality (RCM). Local projects carried out in several RCM’s that contribute to achieving the same regional priorities are also admissible. In this case, it is the sum of all projects submitted, and not each individual project, that will have a regional focus.”

We wish to remind you that the 8 regional priorities established by the elected officials are as follows:

  1. Recognize the North Shore and all its particularities as an atypical region.
  2. Open up the North Shore and its communities by focusing on transportation and communication developments.
  3. Support the development and diversification of the North Shore.
  4. Develop entrepreneurship in all aspects and strengthen entrepreneurs’ ability to take action.
  5. Enhance the attractiveness of the North Shore for its employment opportunities, quality of life, culture and environment.
  6. Strengthen the North Shore residents and their communities’ ability to take action.
  7. Support access to education, training and knowledge.
  8. Act in synergy.

The excessively short deadlines are in place in order to address the governmental constraints to have all funding disbursed before March 31, 2018. Considering that this funding is recurrent and available for the next 4 years, interested persons affected by these delays can submit their projects in the subsequent calls for projects.

Deadlines for submission of projects: Forms must be submitted to the MAMOT regional office by September 29, 2017 for the first call for projects and November 30, 2017 for the second call for projects.

The necessary documents are available on the MAMOT and MRC de la Côte-Nord’s websites. You may also obtain paper copies within these institutions.

Documents and information on the program can be obtained using the following link:

For additional information regarding the program, contact the MAMOT regional office at (418) 295-4241 (email:


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Information on the program:

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